“These elegant Indigenous-made earrings are perfect for all occasions—their striking colour palette has the power to elevate any outfit.” —Radiyah Chowdhury, assistant editor.

To honour Indigenous history and celebrate National Indigenous People’s month, Kihew and Rose was spotlighted in Hillberg & Berk’s Sparkle Stories. 


masinahikan iskwêwak - The Book Women  podcast Season 2 Episode 4: Adrienne Larocque

Gather around as we chat with Adrienne Larocque, the owner and creator of Kihew and Rose; contemporary Indigenous beadwork jewelry. We chat about reclaiming culture, figuring out how to run a business, and fashion school. 


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas 2022

Go extra this Valentine's Day with these extra Native-Made Gifts! Native Max is a brand and publication which features positive talents and stories of Indigenous Peoples of Indian Country.


Artist Feature: Adrienne Larocque from Kihew and Rose

Growing Room Online issue 44.1. Room is Canada's oldest literary journal, and has published fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, art, interviews and book reviews for forty years.